Safety and Accident Prevention

What are the causes of most accidents in food service establishments?

Falls are the most common cause of accidents in food service establishments. These accidents can prevented by

Other common accidents in food service establishments can be prevented by

OSHA requires a fire prevention plan and an emergency preparedness plan in your facility if it falls under OSHA regulation.....

Project 10.2 ----- Draw a fire escape plan from your kitchen to an area designated as a grouping or gathering area in your fire prevention plan.

Project 10.3 ----- Develop a training session that will teach each employee how to use a multiple use fire extinguisher properly

Project 10. 4 ----- Develop a disaster plan that will meet Medicare/OSHA requirements (if any) for your facility..

Project 10.5 ----- Develop a hazardous materials response plan for your facility.

Project 10.6 ----- Set-up a bloodborne pathogens response kit

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